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PICASO, Graphics Controller 64-Pin TQFP

Код товара 901-4281
Бренд 4D Systems
Парт-номер производителя PICASO

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167 доступно к заказу.

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PICASO, Graphics Controller 64-Pin TQFP

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167 доступно к заказу.

Срок доставки 7-9 рабочих дней до склада RS Components в России.

Информация о товаре

PICASO Graphics Controller for LCD and OLED displays, 4D Systems

The PICASO embedded graphics controller from 4D Systems, can be used with a wide range of LCD and OLED displays. The controller uses the 4DGL graphics language supported by Extensive Virtual Engine (EVE) — a virtual processor with a comprehensive byte-code instruction set. Workshop 4 IDE is also available to support you with the development of your display applications — not exclusive to the PICASO, but for all 4D processors and modules. The software has four development environments — Designer, Serial, ViSi and ViSi Genie.

Recommended applications for the PICASO include home appliances, electronic gauges & meters, test & mesurement, general purpose instrumentation, GPS navigation systems, automotive system displays, medical instruments, security systems, gaming, aviation and HMI touch panels.

Features & Benefits of the PICASO Graphics Controller
•15 KB of flash memory
•14 KB of SRAM
•13 I/O pins
•FAT16 file services
•I²C & SPI serial communications interface
•PWM output that supports audio WAV files
•2 asynchronous hardware serial ports with auto-baud feature
•4-Wire resistive touch panel interface
•8 x 16-bit timers
•Can operate as a standalone graphics controller
•Can connect to any LCD or OLED that supports an 80-series, 16-bit wide CPU interface

4D Systems Graphics Controllers


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