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Souriau Sunbank by Eaton Gasket

Код товара 190-3022
Бренд Souriau
Парт-номер производителя CL192001

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Временно нет в наличии

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Souriau Sunbank by Eaton Gasket

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Информация о товаре

Panel Shell

The panel mount dimensions are such that mounting interchangeability is possible with MIL-C-5015 connector sizes (see Compatibility table). The plugs may be front or rear mounted, with a maximum of 4mm panel thickness. Contacts are rear insert, and are held in place by the shells locking retention plate, they are available seperately, typically 220-2810 (1mm dia and 20AWG) or 175-3963 (1.6mm dia and 16 AWG). Sealing gaskets should be purchased separately typically 175-3985.

Souriau Clipper Series


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